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Beyond Open Source

At the end of my previous post I talked about how we could go beyond "just" open source for Moq Rebirth. The basic idea was to document the creation process by having a Google+ Live Hangout, so that any number of attendees can join, but also to automatically keep a public recording of it automatically on YouTube.

Mark Seemann made a comment that got me thinking, however:

I'd be happy to help, but will be away for the next three weeks.

Wait, what if we go beyond you watching me type?! Why not just let anyone drive too? There are a few options here, including VS Anywhere, which is free for open source projects, or ScreenHero, which may be better as it allows multiple cursors you can actually see. We could try and see what works best.

The idea is that during the hangout, the main screen being recorded will be mine, but it will not be just me driving the keyboard all the time. In fact, I'd love to make it so that anyone that contributes, gets proper credit by having the chance to push to GitHub on their own (maybe we can even flesh out the contribution process by leveraging forks and pull requests in the sessions?). VS Anywhere would allow whoever wants to drive (and commit) to share the solution from his VS his fork of the tree with the rest of the participants (i.e. me :)), and I will get to write the tests while he writes the implementation. When we're done and agree on the implementation (it's OK to refactor!), you will commit, push to GitHub, send pull request, and I'll accept it right-away, ready to move on to the next driver. Should be a fun experiment at least, if nothing productive comes out of it in the end, hehe.

So this is a call to action for everyone wishing to participate in Moq vNext. Please let me know at the event scheduling page a day/time preference and we can start right away. I'm willing to do it very late (my time, GMT-03:00) to accomodate post-dinner time for US fellow devs, or some other time that gets the most votes. I don't expect many will be able to do it during normal working hours, so that may be best.

Let's build together the most awesome mocking library ever!

Written on 12 Aug 2013

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